We are encouraging!

We are aware of the power we have to influence a student: their self perceptions and self confidence.


Senna-Marie Bosman

[Founder and Owner of GUITAR KIDS]

Guitar is an instrument that has shaped my life and the way I think. Being able to share it is a blessing. It has taught me discipline, and dedication but mostly is has shown me that we do not only think in words and numbers but in sound vibrations that register in our emotional body. It’s an incredible lens through which to look at the world. 


I am self-taught for the most part and grew up in a beautifully musical household where my father played us to sleep most nights. I am now a singer-songwriter, and love how guitar accompanies the voice. I am a teacher at heart, and aim to foster a wholesome and inspirational relationship between students and music through the instrument of guitar, singing and song-writing. 



Natasha Brown's creative outlook and dedicated way of working make her a true asset to Guitar Kids. She's a singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist and outstanding visual artist too. She is an all rounded creative and her inventive, quirky and efficient character is what makes her teaching style so effective.

"Music is an outlet for many people, especially for children who perhaps have not found a space for themselves in the school environment yet. Introducing a child to the idea that playing an instrument can be a valued and admirable skill, takes emphasis away from rigid methods of learning. It is a skill that builds discipline and confidence in a truly positive and enjoyable way. "


Jessica Patience


Jessica is a morally grounded individual, who is passionate about learning music. She has a friendly, focused and understandable approach to her lessons. Jessica is also an exceptionally talented musician, having advanced understandings of not only guitar, but bass, keyboard and vocals. Jessica is able to breakdown advanced knowledge into bite sized tips that build a solid foundation for learning the more technical and theoretical aspects of guitar. 


Her excellent leadership skills, and patient demeanor make her a true asset to Guitar Kids and anyone lucky enough to have her as their teacher.

“ I see the guitar as a tool. The real thing that I am after is to learn music.” - Jessica. P



David is a highly skilled musician who enjoys teaching and sharing his passion with others. He has pursued music throughout his life, and although he was accepted into The Swiss Jazz School to further his studies has chosen to deepen his knowledge through private lessons with highly respected South African Jazz musicians: Reza Khota and Keenan Ahrends.

David's enthusiastic character and exceptional understanding of guitar playing make him into the brilliant teacher he is. We are extremely lucky to have him as part of our team!

"I think teaching guitar is a really wholesome legacy to leave and I’d feel really good about myself if I knew there were a handful of people who could spread music because I’ve helped to inspire and motivate them. It would be great if everyone was a musician, I’d like to do my small part to

make the dream happen."





Prashant is a professional musician, performer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose fine attention to detail make him able to communicate complicated concepts in a relatable way. This ability to break down knowledge into bite-sized chunks, paired with Prashant's ambitious passion for music make him an excellent teacher and mentor. 


"I started learning guitar because I wanted to challenge myself to learn how to play an instrument, since I love music so much. I have continued to learn guitar because it has become an essential passion of mine."

"I enjoy helping people grow through the learning of a new skill, and I feel I am gifted with the ability to teach others how to play and express themselves through guitar."



Anwyll is a remarkably conscientious individual, who is extremely dedicated to his craft and is an exceptonal musician as a result. Anwyll has a highly professional, focused and understandable approach to his lessons. He aims to make guitar make sense to his students and is very good at breaking down big chunks into bite-sized blocks. He is such an inspired musician that just his presence is motivation and inspiration enough! This is what makes him an excellent asset to Guitar Kids.

"I think every professional musician should teach. The lessons I have learned can save another student years in their development. When I teach my students, I learn too. Not only do I learn the skill of teaching itself, but also I learn music through my students."

Anwyll with guitar.jpg




David is a talented musician and a thoughtful teacher. Methodical and engaging, he brings all his skills to his lessons in order to provide a good foundation for learning guitar. David is playful, tailoring his style to each student: He has learnt to appeal to the differences that each child naturally brings to their lessons and use this to keep them engaged and dedicated. He is a true asset to Guitar Kids and any child who has him as their teacher!

“I just inherently love teaching music. Guitar is a skill that could potentially provide someone with joy and an outlet for their whole lives regardless of if they want a career in music. I'd like to give someone that.”