Teacher Feedback Form

Honest and accurate feedback helps us keep high standards of teaching, management, admin and syllabus,
  1. We encourage you to put your name, child's name and teachers name. It is optional, however your feedback will be far more useful with these details. 
  2. Nothing said in this form will be used negatively towards anyone involved - it is purely for the improvement and we are grateful for the opportunity to grow.
  3. Our aim is to offer high quality beginner to intermediate guitar lessons that are inspiring, affordable, well-organised and effective. 
  4. This form may be filled out multiple times as and when you feel it could be useful.
  5. We do love positive feedback, however your constructive criticism is what helps as locate blindspot, and so these forms are aimed at problem solving.
Enthusiastic and inspiring lessonsEnthusiastic and inspiring lessons
Good Explanation of guitar skills and songsGood Explanation of guitar skills and songs
I feel my guitar teacher cares about me and my progress.I feel my guitar teacher cares about me and my progress.

Thank you for the opportunity to grow!